“We put culture in a bottle”

Unique flavour profile, Artisanal, Reduced Sugar, 50% Extra Fruit, More Added Fruit, Natural, Gluten Free, Handcrafted, Small Batch, Award-Winning, Use of Indigenous Fruits (Morula), Morula is rich in Oleic acid, Antioxidants and Vitamin C (8 times higher than that in an orange), No artificial added preservatives.
Hot sauce

Roasted Chillie Garlic & Marula Hot Sauce

A first of its kind Hot Sauce

Roasted Chilli, Garlic, and Marula Hot Sauce by Maungo Craft


We have created a one of a kind Marula hot sauce! It has fruity, tangy, garlicky notes that compliment any dish.

Our Vegan friendly Hot Sauce is a culinary joy ride.

How to enjoy it?

On any savory dish, it is delicious.

Dash it over veggies, chips, sticky wings, ribs, meatballs steaks, burgers.

Use it as a dip, a salad dressing, on cheese and crackers, hors d’oeuvre’s, pizza and so much more!