Wedding Favors

Thank You Gifts

Wedding Favors & Thank You Gifts

You are planning your special day and we know that you want to make it AMAZING and MEMORABLE. We know how exciting and overwhelming it can be, however the truth is SO MUCH needs to get done! Dress. Venue. Décor. Bridal Party. Family. Shoes. Decor. Food menu.

With everything on your plate why not simply let us take away the headache that comes with organizing Wedding Favours (Thank You Gifts) for your guests!

Maungo Craft makes Award Winning. Artisanal. Unique. Delicious. Reduced Sugar.  Memorable and Personalized Wedding Favours.

We make Handcrafted preserves (jams, marmalades and chutney) that are unique, flavorful and sprinkled with a healthy dose of Tswana culture and a bucket load of L.O.V.E!

We don’t add any artificial preservatives (Thank Goodness!) and we use indigenous fruits from Botswana then pair them with contemporary flavours giving you the most unique flavour profiles. 

You can FOCUS on your other tasks and let Maungo Craft focus on YOUR wedding Favours & Thank You gifts.