We make an innovative African product range unlike any other.

Our products are Insanely tasty, Award-Winning, Handcrafted and reduced in sugar. We fuse the indigenous foods of Southern Africa with contemporary flavours. Welcome to our home!

Our Collection

Maungo Craft has a wide range of Award-Winning, Artisanal, Low Sugar, Yummy products. Once you try one of our preserves, you will wonder where Maungo Craft has been all your life.

“We put culture in a bottle”

“We need to look forward and reconsider the food systems that are in place. We love working with nutritious and tasty indigenous foods that are orphan crops and enjoy turning them into unique and delicious preserves.”
Yemi (Co-founder)


OH MY JAM! MAUNGO CRAFT make Low sugar, handcrafted, delicious, quirky, healthier preservers. We use the indigenous foods which are orphan crops of Botswana then we pair with contemporary flavours for unique flavor profiles. We have played around with some flavor profiles and we have created some pretty memorable and novel Gourmet Craft delights.


Our Marmalades were shortlisted amongst the Top 7 Marmalades at The World Marmalades Awards(Commonwealth Category) and were awarded a Gold. We showcase our indigenous foods playing alongside other contemporary flavours.


JUNE 2017 Position no. 1, Winners of the Food Processing Sector: Youth Business Expo.

AUGUST 2017 National Winners of the Creative Business Cup Botswana. We represented Botswana in Copenhagen in November 2017.

The Food Corner

We love connecting to mother nature and experimenting with the indigenous foods of the soil. Our entire range is made using Orphan Crops that are typically underutilized and forgotten in the food eco system.We make fun and simple dishes that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

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  • Lot 1215, Nkurumah Road, Old Industrial, Gaborone
  • info@maungocraft.com
  • +267 76 624 292
  • +267 71 640 600
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