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300 ton to get to 12


It takes approximately 300 ton of Marula fruit to get 12 ton of cosmetic marula oil. There is no major user of the Morula (pronounced Marula in Botswana) fruit pulp while the oil is a valuable global commodity. So, we asked ourselves, what happens to all that unloved fruit?

Maungo Craft forms partnerships a unique value chain with indigenous oil manufacturers and with small holder farmers. In that way we help to create jobs for the most vulnerable communities at the base of the pyramid, particularly women in rural communities. Maungo Craft save the unloved fruit and vegetables while the cosmetic oil processors use the oil.

Maungo Craft has won thirteen (13) local and International Awards for the unique, reduced sugar jams, syrups, and hot sauce for being a delicious solution. Put an end to boring meals and bland wings with our Roasted Chillie, Garlic and Marula Hot Sauce!

Maungo Craft – Culture in a Bottle!

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“Our food system contributes to 34% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Reintegrating so called Orphan Crops like Marula into the Food System is one answer to this problem.”

Yemi Aganga & Bonolo Monthe

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